What to Wear to an Interview: For Men

what to wear to an interviewNowadays when it comes to an interview people tend to think less about the content of what they are going to say, and more about how they are going to come across. How you appear to the interviewer always includes what you are wearing, but what is the best thing to wear to an interview?

Well, its no exact science, but people tend to go for formal attire, which almost always means a suit with a tie. Although there may be much more to it than that, this is essentially what most men wear to interviews. Why? Because if you think about it, what signals does a suit give off? Tidy, proffessional and smart, and these are the signals you want your potential employer to notice, and they will if you get the suit right.

In fact there has been much research on the effects of what men wear to an interview, the results are exactly what you would expect, but there is still more to it than that. Research shows that small things such as wearing a handkerchief in your top suit pocket could mean that the interviewer will be more drawn to your chest rather than you’re belly, and suprisingly, this could have an effect on the outcome of the interview. This just shows how you need to make sure when thinking about what to wear to an interview that you consider all fine details and make sure they are perfect, that way you will be sure to impress.

Is there an alternative to wearing a suit? If you don’t have a suit, or you don’t have enough money to buy one at the time of the interview, you can still look great, simply borrow a suit from a friend or visit your locla thift store, you will be suprised at how cheap a suit can be. If the position requires creativity such as an advertisement or design job you might be better off in a trendy vest with a shirt and tie instead of a boring suit. If you wore a suit to this type of job interview, you wouldn’t stand well in the rankings of someone who was in touch with today’s fashon. But this does not mean that you can’t show your creativity with just a suit, there are many things in a suit that you can change to make it more creative. An example of this is the shirt underneath, you can play around with the colour schemes and patterns to your hearts content, the same goes for ties and the shoes, so you aren’t too short of customization even for a suit. Be sure that if the position you are applying for is in a conservative industry that you wear conservative colors.

Overall for most interviews it is recommend that you weara suit, the reason being that most employers expect this and something too fashionable might catch them off guard. You will want to present yourself in the best possible manner, if you can’t accomplish this the company will think that you will not represent them in a positive manner either. If you really want to step it up, take a look at this great infographic on what to wear to an interview:
What to wear to an interview