Typical Questions to Ask During an Interview

questions to ask durgin an interview
questions to ask durgin an interview

Typical Interview Questions

The most important thing in preparing for the interview, is to prepare for typical interviewing questions that you may be asked. Experience shows that most employers not only follow a basic interview  template, but also ask many of the same questions. It is best to go over your answers in advance and even rehearse them aloud. In addition to practicing answers, you should go over a list of questions to ask during an interview.

The interview questions you are likely to encounter are as follows:

Tell us about yourself …

Answering this question is not completely retell his life story. It is best to tell us briefly about your education (which when finished, which were a specialty), and then describe the experience. In response, try to emphasize their strengths (professionally) side. Put the answer in 2-3 minutes, do not be afraid to drop the details: If your buddy interested in something else, he has the opportunity to ask you about it.

Why do you want to work for us?

In no case, do not say that out of work, are in a difficult financial situation, etc. In other words, try not to show themselves destitute, the needy person. If you are working somewhere, you will surely speaks about his work is positive, indicating only a few things that you do not like.

If you are not currently working, show that you are attracted in the first place are not able to earn, and the opportunity to realize your experience and ability is in this organization. In answering this question can demonstrate some awareness of its products, technologies, achievements, etc.

Why did you leave your previous job?

In answering this question in any case does not respond unfavorably to his former organization, its leadership and the team. This immediately suggests that you just can criticize, and that organization, which came to the interview. That is, you are suspected of disloyalty, and it is a sure refusal to accept the job.

Specify the kind of real, but not related to earnings and relationships in the team cause. It is best to specify the objective limits of professional growth in his previous job.

What do you consider your major accomplishments?

This question is one of the most difficult, because many confuse the need to talk about their achievements, praising himself.

To overcome their embarrassment will realize that your partner does not accept the description of your achievements as your praise himself. For him, this is a purely pragmatic information about your capabilities as an employee. While boasting a clear exaggeration will be immediately noticed and will work against you. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right tone and try to be objective.

Remember that you have to impress is not modest, but the right person. Therefore, even if this issue and will not be given, to find a way to talk about their achievements in answering other questions.

What you do not like about your previous job?

The answer to this question must be well coordinated with your answer to the question about the reasons for departure from previous work. If you’ve spoken favorably of the former organization, here you do not have to retreat from their opinions. But that does not seem disingenuous (does not happen, so that all enjoyed!), You can make some critical remarks. But the criticism should be objective, constructive and sensitive.

After you questioning is complete, it is your turn to question the interviewer, look over our list of questions to ask during an interview, and be sure you are prepared for follow up questions.