Things to Know About Pre-Assessment Programs for Getting Through Job Interviews

Growing competition in the corporate world has made it difficult to get into renowned companies. It is but natural that the companies want the best of the employee in each and every department. Companies prefer hiring the candidates having the required traits. In order to find the best, companies have started using pre-assessment tests that help to filter the right candidate suitable for a particular job.

Companies spend a lot of money in hiring, training, salary and other office expenses for each candidate. These kinds of pre-assessment tests help the recruitment department to filter out the candidates with right skills required for a particular department. The unfit candidates are rejected at the very first round after the pre-assessment test. However, only the shortlisted candidates are taken up from the final interview. Tests are sometimes carried out online or even offline.

Several techniques are used to choose a suitable candidate and the personality test is one of the most common.


Personality Test

 Having a pleasant personality has now become a pre-requisite for any company these days besides any specialized skill sets. A personality that is open to adaptability is always given preference. Certain profiles require personality tests in order to fit in the required work environment. This test basically includes the overall personality of a candidate. The employer gets to know the leadership quality and team management skills through personality tests.


Background Checks

Background check is also one of the most important aspects of pre-assessment programs. It helps the employer to know about the criminal records or even the historical background of the candidate. Most of the time, the background checks performed are outsourced to various agencies.

Similarly, medical check ups have also become very common. It helps the employer to know more about the physical fitness of a candidate. Metabolic functionality and other health issues can be well determined by the medical check ups. It also helps the employer to decide on the medical schemes.

Companies also perform credit checks that help the employer to know about the financial status and background of a candidate. A candidate, who can manage his personal accounts systematically, will surely have the skills to manage company accounts.

The drug test is also performed in order to check if the candidate is into drugs or not. Urine and alcohol screening tests are performed. Overall well being is taken into consideration by almost every employer and company.


Assessment of Talent

 These assessments basically allow an employer to know more about the skill sets the candidate posses. Mostly these assessments are set according to the job description of the candidate. In depth knowledge about the subject can be assessed through these types of tests. It becomes simpler for the employer to predict the performance and retain the ability of the candidate. These assessments basically bring out the IQ levels of the candidates applying for various posts.

Cognitive tests are also a part of the talent assessment test. These tests allow an employer to know more about the candidate’s reasoning ability. Arithmetic skills and other important aspects are judged through these types of assessment. The employer understands that a candidate having high cognitive quality will be able to perform extremely well in the organization.

Companies want to avoid every possible hiring mistake nowadays. They are focusing on high productivity and therefore want the best candidate. As a matter of fact, well-designed pre-assessment programs portray a very positive image about the company.


Such pre-assessments programs are designed carefully. Expertise from specific fields is chosen for designing these programs. The time and money put in for recruiting appropriate candidates will bear good results and contribute to the overall growth of the company.


Author Bio:

Althea Burghardt is an expert in field of Human Resources; her inspiration to succeed is companies like Robert Gerberg‘s ACT, a professional job hunting company.