The golden rules of breaking into marketing

The golden rules of breaking into marketing



The marketing world is a fast-paced, exciting place to be. It therefore can be extremely competitive, with lots of keen young hopefuls fighting for positions. So how do you get your foot in the door? If you have your sights set on a career in marketing here is our guide to achieving your goals:




Where do I start?

  • Jobs are open to graduates of any degree; however a qualification in marketing or communications may give you an edge.
  • During your studies try to gain some relevant experience through internships at different types of marketing agencies or within marketing teams. Even if the role isn’t ideal, you never know what sort of opportunities could come from it.
  • A lot of companies run marketing graduate programmes, which are fantastic opportunities and could really increase your prospects. Smaller companies may have the occasional marketing assistant roles. These are likely to be less structured and have more on-the-job experience, which can still be invaluable, as it enables you to build on the practical skills required.
  • Careers fairs and other networking events can be an excellent way of finding contacts, which could be fundamental when finding a job. Additionally, events such as these give you an insight into the marketing world, which will be very useful when it comes to interviews.

Be the best

  • It is extremely important to be clued up. You are expected to know about everything current, including news, technology, social media and any recent topics that are relevant. This will help you to portray yourself as a well-rounded, knowledgeable person.
  • If you are lucky enough to get through to the interview stage you need to make a memorable and lasting impression. It is essential to stand out from the other candidates by really conveying your character and your passion for marketing to the interviewer.
  • Employers are looking for someone with knowledge and experience in marketing, but in addition they are looking for someone who they would want to work with. Be friendly and attentive and show them that you would be an asset to their company.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different! If you have any obscure interests or hobbies then use them to your advantage. Explain how digital technologies help you explore these interests and why this is so important to you. This will make you more memorable to the interviewer, as you are giving them an insight into the sort of person you are.

Be proactive

  • Your dream job isn’t going to come to you, you need to take a practical, hands-on approach and actively seek out companies that you want to work for. Either contact them directly or even visit their office with your CV and introduce yourself. This shows initiative and enthusiasm and could leave a lasting good impression.