Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

Do you need help to update or create you resume? It is usually complicated because your resume is going to reviewed by professional HR persons and mangers. There are few simple tips for choosing a format, choosing a font, customization of your resume, explaining employment gaps and many other tips for writing interview winning resumes.

1 – Choose an Appropriate Font

In resume writing it is most important to use a basic corporate font that is easy to read for HR persons or any other executives. Garamond, Calibri, Arial and Verdana is very commonly using in resume writing.

2 – Give All Your Valid Contact Information

It is important to give all valid contact information including your full name, house address, city, state and zip code, personal number, home phone number and email address which you use regularly so employers can easily contact you.

3 – Select the Right Resume Format

There are many simple types of resume writing that is used to apply for the job. Depending on your personal situation, choose a sequential, a practical, combination or a targeted resume format. You should take time to customize your resume because it’s a also a main part of your resume.

4 – Prioritize Your Professional Experience

It is most important to prioritize the experience in your resume so that you current and relevant experience is listed on top, with key achievement listed at the top of each position.

5 – Take Time to Write Custom Resume

Custom resume writing is definitely a time taking task, but it is worth full, especially when you are going to apply for a job that is a perfect match to your experience and qualification.

6 – Modify Your Resume Objective

If you want to include your objective on your resume than it is vital to modify your resume objective to match the job you are applying for. The more precise you are the better possibility you have of being considered for the job you are applying in.

7 – Use a Resume Template

As a starting point to write your resume, you can use a resume template. Add your information to the resume template, then modify it to personalize your resume, so it will highlights your skills and abilities.

8 – Send Resume via Email

If you want to send resume via email then it is important to follow instruction given by employer in the job advertisement. The employer may want you to send your resume in specific format, usually as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF File attached to the email message.

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