Relevant Work Experience Essential When Applying For Your Dream Job

Relevant Work Experience Essential When Applying For Your Dream JobMany young children dream about being a sports star, a doctor or a police officer or working in other popular jobs. These are jobs that are seemingly glamorous to younger kids, but many people eventually will make the decision to pursue other fields as they get older. You may have focused your sights on a dream job based on your own skills and interests as well as your perception of what your work life may be like. However, before you apply for that dream job, you may consider the benefits of obtaining relevant work experience in the field first. There are several reasons why you should consider getting relevant work experience as a stepping stone toward earning your dream job.


Experience Matters
The fact is that real-life work experience that is relevant to the job can actually help you to land your dream job. Many hiring managers want to see that you have the necessary educational background, but they also may require relevant work experience. Even for entry-level positions, preference is often given to those who have at least some prior experience in the field. Employers understand that there are different types of skills that you develop while working at a job than you can obtain through classroom education.

Industry Contacts
In addition, when you work in a relevant or related job even for a few months, you can establish industry contacts. These contacts can be used as references when you apply for your dream job, and they may even write you a letter of recommendation. In some cases, you may use your industry contacts to learn about job openings that are known internally in a company but that are not posted externally. Your industry contacts may be able to recommend you for these positions before the job opening is announced to the public. This can give you an edge over other job seekers.

Realistic Expectations
It is understandable that you may have grand ideas about what life may be like working in your dream job, but there may be some discrepancy between what your vision of the job is and what it will be like in reality. By working in a related job, you may gain new insight into what your work life may be like in your dream job, and you may even have the opportunity to observe or interact with others who already have this job. In some cases, gaining a closer look at the job may solidify your desire to earn a specific position. In other cases, however, you may decide to pursue a different career angle. Having realistic expectations, however, can help you to determine if you are setting reasonable goals for yourself.

With some jobs, experience may not be a prerequisite for a job. However, even when relevant work experience is not a requirement, it can be quite useful for a number of different reasons. If you have your sights set on earning a specific job, take time today to gain relevant work experience in the field to enjoy some of the benefits described here.

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