Ready? Set? Interview – how to get that dream job

Heading into the new year and fancy a job change? Or ready to get back into employment? Whatever is driving you to that dream job, it’s time to dust down your resume and sharpen up your interview skills. Because with unemployment figures rising, there’s never been a more competitive time to get a job. Luckily you can make it easier with these handy hints and tips.


When it comes to an interview, there is no such thing as being underprepared. Read up not just on the job you’re applying for, but also the company, and better yet the person who is interviewing you. Then, broaden your field. To really demonstrate a thorough understanding, show that not only do you grasp what is involved with this job, but that you know the industry inside out. Look at the company’s competitors or other big names and think about what they’re doing that’s different to your company.

Make a list of potential questions and write out your answers. You don’t need to learn them off by heart because that might sound robotic. But do study them and get yourself into a place that is interview ready. And why not try to practice by interviewing with someone else like a friend or family member. Or if you prefer, video yourself answering the questions and watch it back. Think about what you’re saying and don’t rush. Because when we’re nervous we have a habit of talking fast.

Convince and Stand Out

Chances are there’s plenty of people going for the job you’re after. So your interview is a chance to stand out from the crowd and make that job yours and yours alone. Why are you the perfect match for this job? Go through the job description and highlight important areas. Then compare these to your resume and in particular experience you’ve had. Talk about your professional experiences and offer up examples of what you’ve learnt and how this would work for this job.

Dress To Impress

Do you know that saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have? That was made for interviews and succinctly expresses how you should dress for one. And looking the part will make massive in-roads. Because unfortunately so much of what happens in an interview is already decided before we’ve even opened our mouths.

And it’s not just about what we’re wearing. It’s how we walk, how we sit and even how much eye contact we give. Indeed some reports put the statistics at 75 per cent of interviews going badly within just three minutes due any of these.

Yes, it shouldn’t be so, but that is the way of the world. So why put yourself on the back foot before the interview gets underway with dirty or scuffed shoes or crumpled clothes. So dress to impress, firm up the handshakes, don’t fidget, keep eye contact and above all smile.

Question Time

So you’ve made it through the tricky interview terrain and it’s for the final hurdle: the questions. Interviewers usually like to ask if you have any questions at the end, and so it’s always worth preparing a few. Why? Well, it shows not only that you’ve researched the job and done your homework on the company, but also that you’re interested in the role.

Don’t just have one question either, because that one may have already been answered in the interview. So aim for around five. Not sure what to ask? Then study the job description and look for areas that perhaps more information would be useful. Next, look at the company: does it lay out any annual goals or objectives.

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