Phone Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

Questions to ask during an interview

phone interview questions to ask the employerMost face to face job interviews are preceded by a phone interview. They can be used as a screening process and also as a means of narrowing down the applicant pool to the most qualified candidates. This process saves the company valuable time and resources by weeding out unqualified or unsuitable candidates.

Once you have landed a phone interview, it is important to review some of the more common phone interview questions and prepare some possible answers. Phone interviews are typically brief, so make sure that your answers are to the point and effective. Being prepared will ensure that you will be able to answer any questions promptly and confidently. The goal is to keep the potential employer interested so that you may progress to the next stage of the interviewing process.

After you have formulated your list of answers, begin jotting down some of your own questions to ask during an interview. You will have the opportunity to address your concerns towards the end of the conversation. Employers do expect you to ask at least a few questions. Otherwise, you may give the impression that you are uninterested or unable to think for yourself. Keep in mind, though, that these types of interviews are very short, so only ask important and relevant questions.

Phone Interview Questions to Ask

- Why is the previous holder of the position leaving?
- Should I be extended a job offer, how soon would I be expected start?
- What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this position?
- How would you describe the company culture?
- Who does the holder of this position report to?

These are just a few example phone interview questions to ask. You may want to ask some specific questions relevant to the position or company as well. It is best to ask open-ended or behavioral type questions.

When deciding which questions to ask during an interview, there are a few things to keep in mind. The employer will, without a doubt, make a judgment about you based on the questions you ask. Make each one count. Refrain from asking any questions about salary or benefits. Avoid asking any questions you can easily find answers to on the company’s website. This will give the impression that you are not interested in the organization or are ill prepared. Instead, try asking questions that prove you have done your homework. You may start the question with, “I read on the company’s website that…”

There is no set number of questions that you need to ask. Just remember that the interview time is limited. Three to five questions should suffice. Being prepared ahead of time will make the interview process less nerve racking and more pleasurable.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of a phone interview. It is during this time that the employer gets a first impression of you as an applicant. Be professional, courteous and highlight your best qualities as much as possible. Asking the employer the right kinds of questions may have a huge impact on your odds of landing another interview.

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