Nursing Interview Questions for Employers to Ask

nursing interview questions

The purpose of nursing interview questions is to assist the employer to test the interpersonal skills of interviews during selection. These questions also gives the interviewee an ample chance to market himself or herself. This is a good platform of discussing how best the credentials of the interviewee fit the job description. The employers wishing to recruit nurses therefore need to understand the most important questions to ask during an interview.

The most common questions to ask during an interview include the following;

(a) Give me a description about yourself.
The interviewee should describe major personal attributes that qualifies him or her to be the best suited candidate for the job. These should include academic achievements and professional skills. This question is important in testing communication skills.

(b)Tell me why you want to leave your current professional.
This is a tricky question and therefore you should not tarnish the name your former employer. The most convenient answer should be related to company dynamism.

(c) Tell me what your major accomplishments are.
You can talk about your contribution to the growth of your former company, your major achievements in life, ability to work for long hour and withstand working pressure. You can also talk about your involvement in society building activities.

(d)Why do you think you are the best suited candidate for this job?
You have to relate your major personal attributes, achievements and managerial skills with the main features of the job.

(e)Tell me about any challenging task in life you have ever tackled successfully.
The critical role of this question is trying to determine your integrity, personal commitment, work ethic and goal orientation. You have to prove that you are meticulous enough when pursuing your personal goals and not a quitter.

(f) Tell me what you dislike most about your current employer
This is a very tricky question and you need to avoid talking about the frustrations you have gone through which may reveal your weaknesses. This would work against you; just describe how you have been longing for an opportunity to grow. You have to bear in mind that the interviewer is trying to verify how compatible you are with the vacancy available.

(g)Tell me how you can handle a crisis.
Just give comprehensive details about how you have ever handled a stressing situation and describe how you are prepared for the challenges and the rewards that the job entails.

(h)Describe how your initiative ability can be helpful to us if you are given this position.
Just give a series of short descriptions of things that motivate you. You have also to demonstrate your creativity abilities and strong work ethics.

(i)Tell me the major challenge you have ever faced in your professional.
The interviewer wants to know whether you are keen enough to learn from your weaknesses. You can talk about your failures and what you have learnt from them .This is one way to describe your flexible personality.

(j)Which are your major strengths?
Just choose about five of your best personal attributes and describe each of them with a good example. Never generalize you points like saying you have good interpersonal skills without giving a supporting example.

(k)Which are your major weaknesses?
Just twist this question and describe you weaknesses in relation to your strengths. You can describe how you are detail oriented and willing to work for long hours to complete your project. You should only describe tolerable faults.

(I)What are your career goals for the next five or ten years?
You have to give logical answers to this question. Just relate them to your professional experience but don’t exaggerate your goals.

In summary, the above is a comprehensive list of tough nursing interview questions and detailed answering guidelines. These are ideal to both the interviewee and interviewer and will particularly assist job seekers in answering tough and tricky interview questions