Know These Questions to Ask During the Interview and Wow Your Employer

Questions to Ask the Employer During the Interview

Questions to Ask the Employer During the InterviewYou are probably familiar with the standard procedure of an interview. In preparation for your interview, you probably prepared  your resume, you know it reflects all your previous employment and positions held,  as well as prescribe their skills, and identify your personal qualities. In recent years it has become fashionable to explain your hobbies at the end of your resume as well, but are you prepared to ASK questions at your interview?

In the most cases, the applicant will arrive with a summary of his or her past achievements (articles, guidance documents, etc.). Gathering all this information, wearing a business suit and being prepared to answer any questions from the potential employer, it can be assumed that you are fully prepared for the interview.

But this is not the case. Now the employer is not the only one asking questions, but also employers look for applicants that express genuine interest in the company. It is easy to answer a question in the proper way, you can practice with typical interview questions, but what really makes a good impression is the questions YOU ask. You obviously want to make a good impression., so you need to know the best questions to ask during an interview.

Along with a pre-thought-out answers to possible questions to ask in an interview, an interviewee should be prepared with a list of questions to ask the employer in the interview.  Here are some questions, who’s answers will allow the applicant to know whether it is a place of work, or position, that fits their needs.


  1. What would be the duties and responsibilities (what objectives and plans will be put to the prospective employee, what specifically he would do in the company and it’s worth asking about the interchangeability)?
  2. What are the causes of this job?
  3. What is the procedure of registration to work in the company (work book)?
  4. What is the mode of operation adopted by the company (including breaks during the working day, overtime)?
  5. What is probation? Does the company have developed mentoring, provides for the introduction of a new employee in the course of affairs of the company, given the load at once or gradually?
  6. What’s the company’s benefits package: a fully respected as the Labor Code, provides for a medical insurance, meals, corporate fitness? We should also clarify the payment of sick leave.
  7. What programs are designed to motivate employees of the company (awards, training, etc.)?
  8. What is the atmosphere in the team: internal corporate culture, the company adopted a dress code, rules of conduct in the team, held a corporate event?
  9. How would you characterize the relationship, “the chief-slave”?
  10. In the case of the need to acquire the profile of literature, at whose expense this is happening, and who gets it: the employee or a special department (staff) responsible for this type of procurement?
  11. What is the level of noise in the room where the need to work? How many people in the room? From what department? How and what is equipped workplace?
  12. What meetings / planning session / meetings will participate?
  13. Does the company have the opportunity for career growth, when there is an increase in the company employees to higher positions, they are interviewed by the conformity of a position on a general basis, along with candidates from outside? What to do this (self-education, advanced training, working hours of experience, certification, or something else)?
  14. What are your plans for the company in its market segment?
  15. If after all the answers to the questions this work is really interested in, then do not be shy and not immediately ask about the amount of remuneration.
  16. It should show the employer your interest in the proposed job, and try to bring good arguments that the employer is the person that they need. It is also worth asking whether the indexing is provided for compensation, as is often revised wage levels, are there any formal procedures for this or the procedure is done automatically (eg, annually)? It is necessary to clarify the procedure for payment of wages – will she be white or gray?

And finally, not to be limited only by the words “It was very nice,” and not remain in limbo, it is necessary to ask the following question: when do you plan on making a decision.So, armed with a notepad and a pen, not only the employer but the applicant will act as the interviewer, which will undoubtedly improve your chances of getting the job, and snagging a higher salary.