Job Search Infographic

This nifty little infographic may not answer all the questions about job searches, but it sure is cool to look at. In order to truly succeed at your job search you will need to prepare with much more then just this infographic. A few general tips for those mid job search are as follows.

Understand it is a competition: Chances are the company will only hire 1 person, while there may be thousands of applicants. This is not the time to sit back and relax, in order to snag the job you want you must be aggressive, and treat the job search as a job itself

Find your own strengths:  Stop trying to be a jack of all trades, it makes you look scatterbrained. Focus on a few main strengths, and build upon them. In your cover letter show how your strengths make you a perfect person for THIS position. Tailor your resume to reflect your strengths, and of course bring them up while answering questions during an interview.

Be prepared… to the extreme: Prior to writing your cover-letter or resume read as much as you can about your target position. Re read the job posting, look for similar position in the same company and even different company. Know all about the job. Then, research the company you are applying for. While writing your cover letter use your skills, coupled with their needs to paint a picture of you becoming their saving grace. Does the company focus on cutting edge technology? Show them you are are a master of the PC. 

 Clean up your Facebook: Really you should know better, delete your college party pictures, remove the comments you posted whining about your current job, and professionalize your information.


Questions to ask during an interview Infographic