Interview Tips for Dental Nurses

Interview Tips for Dental NursesThe role of the dental nurse is to work as part of the dental team, supporting the dentist in patient care. Dentists employ dental nurses with the right qualifications, attitude, fit with the dental team and suitability for their practice. Here are some tips when interviewing for the role of dental nurse:

Match your qualifications and experience to the dental nurse role

Interviewers aim to test your understanding of the dental nurse role and scope. You may either view the role narrowly in terms of patient care or recognise the varied aspects involved in patient care, such as booking appointments, following up queries, supporting the dentist during procedures, and partaking in necessary practice tasks.

After graduating, you may have an idea about what the dental nurse role entails, however the scope is often determined by the dental practice. There may be differences if the practice is NHS or private, or both. A question for the interviewer may be about the scope of the role. Have copies of your qualifications with you and be prepared to match these with the needs of the role.

Complete General Dental Council (GDC) registration

A dentist is more likely to employ a dental nurse already registered with the GDC. The prospective dental nurse candidate shows their commitment to their profession by doing so and shows intent to abide by GDC standards set.

Research the dental practice and dentists

Dental practices in certain locations may operate differently or offer specific dentistry services, such as cosmetic dentistry. The types of services featuring at a dental practice, and the dentistry materials and technologies used, will depend on the patient base served. Some dentists may be more geared to offering NHS dentistry care while others may promote private dental care more actively, where it may be best to get more info on cosmetic dentistry to ensure you are clued up.

Dentists at the practice may specialise in fields of dentistry such as orthodontics or endodontics. By researching the practice and the dentists, you will gain a clearer understanding of the dental nurse role entails specific to the practice. The dentists may be on the panel of interviewers and understanding their backgrounds may facilitate building positive rapport.

Visit the dental practice to see it in operation

Getting a feel for the dental practice beforehand is beneficial so that you have an idea of the patient community and what the practice is promoting in patient care for this community. Being able to converse about dental practice operations shows a deeper understanding of what is needed by the practice in terms of best patient care.

Consider dental nurse specialisations

You may be applying to join a team of dental nurses that specialise in fields of dentistry, such as orthodontics or paediatric dentistry. Enquiring about such specialisations and further training opportunities may show your interest in developing with the practice.

Be ready for an interview

After applying for the role of dental nurse, you may receive a phone call for initial telephone interview or be invited to a face-to-face one. Rearrange the interview if you need to. Patient care is at the heart of dental nursing. Smiling and conveying a willingness to provide best patient service is favourable in interviews whether by phone or in person.

For face-to-face interviews, make sure that you look clean, crisp and smart for attending a healthcare interview. Enquire from other successful dental nurses about dress, presentation and interview preparation.

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