Interview Questions and Answers: Questions to ask during an interview

Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and AnswersAn interview has two sides to it: the questions and the answers.It is imperative to note that when it comes to interview questions and answers, it is not a matter of simply supplying the right answers. This is because hearing the answers right is not the exact goal of the interviewer. Their object is to form an opinion of your abilities,weigh your astute attention to detail, as well as trying to measure the depth of both your interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities. You should prepare your anwers for these typical questions, but also prepare by reading these questions to ask during an interview.

It is pure ignorance for a person to wait until they have been called upon to undertake an interview questions and then they begin fumbling for the answers as if it is the first time they are participating in an interview.Research has shown that interview questions and answers are usually repeated.

For instance,almost every interviewer will begin the interview by asking you to tell them about yourself.In this case, you better avoid being verbose.In a sentence or two, say your educational and work experience.This is because your resume is going to elaborate these statements. Seize this opportunity and follow up this information with something about the job in question. This is surely going to impress your employer as it shows your zest for the kind of work they are offering. Keep all the irrelevant information out of of your answer.

The other question that is always asked is why you are interested in working with the company in question.Don’t think that this kind of question seeks to extract an exact answer. No! The employer wants to get a wide range of information from you depending on how you answer this question. They will ask you what you know about their company,what kind of expertise you are bringing to the company and how applicable you think it is going to be, why you are looking for a job in the first place,and sometimes, the amount of money you were getting from your previous employer.

Another question that leaves many inexperienced interviewees thoroughly bamboozled is whether they deem themselves successful.Whatever you think about yourself, the answer must always be “yes”. This helps you tell your employer that you are a confident person.You should however avoid giving one-word answers while responding to interview questions.You should follow it up with the exact reason why you consider yourself successful.

Another very tricky question that confuses many candidates is how long they would like to stay employed if their prospective employer hired them.If the position your are being interviewed for is temporary, then state that you are ready to go once your tenure is over,though you would be ready to work if your period is extended, or if the company sees it wise to absorb you on permanent basis. Finally, be prepared for “do you have any questions. Know the best questions to ask during an interview, and prepare for follow up questions.