Easy steps to make your resume attractive

Easy steps to make your resume attractiveIf you want to write a really good resume, then you are welcome to follow these easy and helpful tips.

Top 5 tips to make your resume awesome

Resume writing is both complicated and responsible process. If properly written, it can land one into a very good and well-paid job.  If not, then you’ll search for your job for a long time. The basic and the most important requirement for writing a successful resume is: a person should have a sound knowledge of language, that’s to say know the grammar rules, punctuation, spelling in order to avoid mistakes. Secondly, to create a good image of you as an employee, it is vital to use every word properly – be clear, specific and detailed.  Of course, there exist certain difficulties – what to emphasize or highlight and what not, what to include in the resume to make it look more attractive. However, the key to success lies not only in writing, but in determining your objectives. To write an awesome resume, one should decide what kind of job you exactly want and what skills do you have for that work, which will single you out of the crowd.  Done with that? Then, you can start your writing.

Here are some basic rules, which will make your resume look good:

  • Avoid using first person pronoun

This is to say that one should not use ‘I’ while writing own resume. The person should not address him/herself directly. The writing should be well organized and easy for perception. It is advisable to start sentences with action verbs: managed, prepared, and developed. This is highly recommended style for resume writing.

  • Express your strengths in short and detailed sentences

A good resume should not contain long sentences. The sentences used should be crisp and precisely convey the subject matter. Use percentages, numbers, dates to make your writing more specific and precise.

  • Use plain and precise words

The use of complicated words and word combinations (and consequently badly structured sentences) is not always a way to impress the employer. Mind that generally resumes are read very quickly (from 10  to 30 seconds), so don’t overload your resume with unknown and unnecessary words. The recruiter will select the worker relying on the skills, rather than on the use of fanciful words. The recruiter will surely pay attention to a sound knowledge and usage of the language.

  • Use bullet format in statements

This format is used to attract the attention of the recruiter to the skills of the person. One should remember that they have to be precise and at the same time give every single detail, which can impress and attract potential employer. This make their jobs hunt easier. Also try to keep each item that has been bulleted as brief as possible; you can go into more details while being interviewed.

  • Be positive and relevant

Always avoid using any irrelevant and, what’s more important, negative points. Focus and emphasize the features that support your objective. Tell only about positive experience and leave out all information that can cause negative reaction.


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