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Job Search Infographic

This nifty little infographic may not answer all the questions about job searches, but it sure is cool to look at. In order to truly succeed at your job search you will need to prepare with much more then just this infographic. A few general tips for those mid job search are as follows.

Understand it is a competition: Chances are the company will only hire 1 person, while there may be thousands of applicants. This is not the time to sit back and relax, in order to snag the job you want you must be aggressive, and treat the job search as a job itself

30 Behavioral Interview Questions and How to Prepare for Them

behavioral interview questions and answersBehavioral interviews are often conducted by employers to asses how a candidate would handle certain situations that may arise within the company. The advantage of holding this type of interview is that it offers some insight into how a candidate has dealt with past problems.

Answers to behavioral questions are typically in the form of a story. It is important that you, the interviewee, describe the situation, the action taken, and the results in great detail. Choose your stories wisely and make sure they answer the question appropriately. The interviewer needs to understand what your thought process is so they can establish if you will be a good fit for the company.

Phone Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

phone interview questions to ask the employerMost face to face job interviews are preceded by a phone interview. They can be used as a screening process and also as a means of narrowing down the applicant pool to the most qualified candidates. This process saves the company valuable time and resources by weeding out unqualified or unsuitable candidates.

Once you have landed a phone interview, it is important to review some of the more common phone interview questions and prepare some possible answers. Phone interviews are typically brief, so make sure that your answers are to the point and effective. Being prepared will ensure that you will be able to answer any questions promptly and confidently. The goal is to keep the potential employer interested so that you may progress to the next stage of the interviewing process.

Types of Questions to Ask During an Interview

types of questions to ask during an interviewWhen interviewing potential employees, deciding which questions to ask can be just as difficult as choosing which candidate to hire. If you were to do a quick search for “questions to ask during an interview,” you would find a mile long list of hypothetical scenarios, detailed “what if” inquiries and plenty of off-the-wall questions. Typically, the types of questions to ask during an interview should vary. It’s important to learn as much as possible about the candidate’s personality and qualifications as possible.