8 Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

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During the interview process, you will be given a chance to ask some questions of your own towards the end of the meeting. There are plenty of great questions to ask during an interview, but how about questions not to ask in an interview? Just as the right kind of questions can help you land the job, the wrong ones can completely destroy any chance you may have of being hired. Avoid asking the following inappropriate questions:

Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

What is the salary of this position?

Try to leave any questions you have about salary until for a later meeting. If you are offered the job, this will certainly be up for discussion at that time. Otherwise, it may sound like you are jumping the gun about being hired or only interested in the position’s pay.

Will I be able to telecommute?

This will make you seem like you are not interested in working with your fellow employees or becoming a part of the company culture. If the option to telecommute is there, it will most likely be discussed if you are offered the job or during a later interview.

How much vacation time is given?

It is not a good idea to be asking about vacation time before you are even hired. The interviewer may be under the impression that you are planning to take some time off right after you are hired. If vacation off is the biggest concern you have about the position, you will likely be turned away.

What exactly does your company do?

This is something you should already know before you even apply for the job. The interviewer will be less than impressed if you ask this question. Thoroughly research the company beforehand and try to use some of that research in your interview answers or questions.

Will I be expected to work overtime?

Are you afraid to work overtime? Are you not committed to your position? These are some of the things the interviewer may be thinking if you ask this question. Overtime requirements should be discussed at a later time.

Did I get the job?

Chances are, you are not the only person being interviewed for the job. The interviewer will not be able to tell you if you have the job yet, as they will probably be meeting with more candidates. This kind of question also puts the interviewer on the spot. Rest assured that you will be notified if you are offered the position.

How long will I have to wait before being promoted?

It is not a good idea to ask about a promotion before you are even hired. It makes you seem as though you would not be happy with the position you are applying for. Instead, you may ask whether or not there is room for growth within the company.

Will I have to take a drug test?

Is this a big deal? This will certainly raise a red flag with the interviewer. Why are you so concerned with taking a drug test if you are clean?