7 Tips To Get You The Job: Best Questions to ask During an Interview

Questions to ask during an interview

Job interviews have almost become a rite of passage. At some point, everyone has to go through one if they wish to make a living. As nerve-racking as they may be, an interview is the best way for an employer and potential employee to get to know each other and see if they are compatible. If an interview goes awry, there is a good chance the interviewee did something to turn the employer away. The professional world is an entirely different social animal, filled with its own rules and etiquette. Not only will you be expected to answer questions, you must have your own questions to ask during in interview. Here are some tips for your next interview.


Questions to ask during an interview

Interview Tips

Arrive Early – Impress your potential employer by arriving for the interview 10 minutes early. It will indicate that you are sincerely interested in the position and are a responsible individual.

Dress Appropriately – First impression is everything. Be sure that you are dressed appropriately for your interview. Ensure that your clothing is clean, pressed and conservative. Avoid using too much perfume or cologne. For men, a shorter haircut and a cleanly shaven face are preferred. A suit and tie should be worn with dark shoes and socks. Women should wear a suit and jacket and avoid open-toed or very high heeled shoes. Make sure that makeup and nail colors are conservative.

Bring Appropriate Paperwork – Before you leave for your interview, make sure that you have copies of your resume, transcript, portfolio and references with you. These items will often be left with the interviewer, so do not bring the originals. It is also a good idea to take a pen and notepad with you. This way, you can write down any important information or questions you may have for the interviewer.

Be Professional – It is important that you always carry yourself in a professional manner. Maintain good posture, be sure your handshake is firm and speak appropriately. Remember, this is not a casual meeting with a friend.

Make Eye Contact – Make sure you maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. Poor eye contact can indicate lack of confidence, or disinterest. Neither of these things are good.

Elaborate – When the interviewer asks you a question, elaborate on the answer. Instead of just saying, “Yes,” go into greater detail by saying, “Yes, I have (this accomplishment/quality).

Ask Questions – At the end of the interview, you will be given the opportunity to ask some questions. It’s a good idea to jot some down during the interview. Your potential employer may find it off-putting if you have nothing to ask. Some questions to ask during an interview may be, “What do you enjoy about working here?” or “What does this position entail?”

Interviews can sometimes be a distressing process, but using these tips will make the process much easier. A little preparation can go a long way, so make sure to gather everything you need and do all of your research well ahead of time. If the first interview does not work out, make note of what you could have done to improve the meeting. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to grow. Be sure to prepare solid questions to ask during an interview.