5 Questions To Ask Employees During an Interview

Questions to ask during an interview

questions to ask employees during an interviewWhen looking to expand your business or replace employees that have moved on, it is important to have a planned list of questions ready for the interview. It is important to make the most of the interview by posing questions that will give you insight into how the chosen applicants can help your business grow. Here are 5 questions to ask employees during an interview:

1. Why do you want to work for our company?

This question will give you an idea of how much the candidate knows about the company. Knowing their motives will also tell you whether or not they are just looking for any job, or if they have a specific interest in your company.

2. Why should we hire you?

Every employer wants to know what each potential employee can bring to the table. When answering, the applicant will share their best qualities and skills that they believe will help your business grow.

3. What was your greatest accomplishment in your previous job?

The candidate’s answer will demonstrate what they are capable of. If they were able to provide a previous employer with innovative ideas, they will likely be able to do the same for you.

4. Describe your ideal supervisor.

The applicant’s description of their ideal supervisor will give you an idea of whether or not they are a good fit for the company. At the same time, you may be able to catch a glimpse of their work habits or ethics. For example, if they describe their ideal supervisor as one who is friendly but pushes employees to work harder, then they would probably be a dedicated employee. On the other hand, if they would rather work with a supervisor who leaves them to their own devices, you may have to question their work habits.

5. Give me an example of a time in your previous job when you had to take care of a problem you had never faced before. How did you handle it?

There is a good chance that your new employee will face a problem or two that is new to them. After all, it will be a new work environment for them and it will take a little time for them to learn the ropes. It’s important to understand how the potential employee will deal with this kind of situation. It will be a good indicator of whether or not they can handle the position in the first place.

Knowing which questions to ask during an interview is half the battle. Making a list of qualities you are looking for in an employee may help you to formulate more questions of your own. You may also use the applicant’s resume to inquire about their employment history and to find out more details about their skills. Understanding what their duties were in their previous job will help you determine if they will be competent enough for your open position. Asking applicants the same questions allow you to compare answers and choose the best possible candidate. The above 5 questions to ask employees during an interview will help you get started.