5 Interview Tips To Make a Great Impression

5 Interview Tips To Make a Great ImpressionMany are afraid, even terrified of the job interview while other thrive under the pressure. Unfortunately, interviews are necessary and you only have a short time to convince the employer of your worth. Be sure to prepare with these 5 tips and prevent your nerves from getting the best of you. When an interview goes smoothly it can be a beautiful thing, here is how to make sure this happens.




1) Practice
As the old saying goes practice makes perfect. Not only should you practice at home on your won, you should have a friend pretend to be the employer in order to simulate the true experience. Even if an interview fails to land you the job you should consider the practice it provide. Look at what went well and improve what did not.

2) Dress Well
This sounds simple enough but so many people arrive to their interview in ill-fitting clothes, with unshaven faces or with scuffed shoes. Perfection lies in the details, be sure to have a tailored suit or outfit, plan out your clothes well in advance and wear the same outfit to each interview. Not only will this save on money, but you will feel comfortable in your well-fitting clothes. Be sure to shine your shoes the night before, shave or trim your beard the morning of the interview and insure all details such as belt/shoe color are in sync.

3) Have a Resume You can be Proud of
There is plenty of great information on this site about how to write a proper resume, that is not the point of #3. Be sure to bring a crisp, freshly printed resume on high stock resume paper. Do not skimp and re-use a scuffed up resume, or print it on normal copy paper. The extra attention to detail will go a long way.

4) Research Your Interviewers
If you know the name of the person/people that will be interviewing you search them on google, facebook, linked in Twitter, you name it. They will be searching all of these social media sites for information on you. Find out where they went to school, what they majored in, and what their interests are. You may need this information when answering a question or it may simply give you a rough idea of their management style.

5) Relax
This is by far the hardest part of any interview. With your career on the line it is almost impossible to relax. Reduce stress by planning your route to the interview site, setting out /ironing your clothes the night before and leaving plenty of time for traffic. What you know is extremely important during an interview but so is how you act. An employer wants to hire someone that will fit well within their companies culture, do you best to remain calm, friendly and play the part.