4 Steps for Interview Success

Going for a high pressure interview like a legal job or managing director? Use our tips to succeed

Applying for a new position can be a nerve wracking experience for anyone. Applying for a high pressure job like a management job or high flying legal jobs is even worse and it can really create a lot of stress for even the most confident of people. Your performance in these situations can really make a huge difference to your job prospects and therefore you income level and even your life. Are you getting nervous yet? This article will help you to overcome those nerves by setting out a few simple steps that should help you to focus and remain calm within the interview.

The article is written by Brian who is a recruitment specialist working within the legal jobs industry. He provides professional advice to job applicants on a daily basis.

4 Steps for Interview Success

1.     Thorough Research

Prior to going to the interview it is essential that you do plenty of background research on the company. Without this background knowledge it will make it hard to answer questions in a confident manner and this will show during the interview. Questions that come out again and again are things similar to “Why do you want to work for this company?” Having a good understanding of what the company has done in the past and what their aims are for the future are clearly valuable when answering these types of open questions. One point to make here though is do not recite your answers before you go to the interview. If you try to memorise an answer your delivery will sound forced and unnatural.


2.     Sell yourself to the interviewer

This might sound like a very obvious thing to aim to achieve when in an interview however a lot of people actually forget their primary goal when they get into a high pressure situation. Try to remain calm and deliver the experiences and skills you posses that will show the interviewer that you would be a good match for the position being discussed. Remaining focused on delivering only positive aspects of your previous employment career is vital if you are going to portray yourself as being a highly employable individual.


3.     Have some questions prepared for them

At some point in almost every interview you will be asked; “Do you have any specific questions that you would like to ask us about the role?” Do not be tempted to pass on this opportunity because it is one of the most important aspects of any interview. Being able to respond with something that is relevant and thought provoking shows that you have the ability to think quickly and engage in with the interviewer. Try to think of a topic that you could bring up prior to the interview so that you are not put on the spot.


4.     Follow up the interview with a telephone call

Leave it a few days before making this call. Quite often the organization will not have made a decision on which candidate has been successful during this period of time and so it may present you with the opportunity to further back your application. If you forgot to mention anything during the interview this phone call presents the perfect opportunity to tell them about this.If you have not got the job make sure that you ask them why this was the case and use this feedback to your advantage during the next interview you go to. If you have not got the job do not worry, use this phone call to take the opportunity to ask why exactly you didn’t get the position and how you could have improved. Use this information to your advantage in your next interview and with a little luck you will get the job.