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5 Skills Which Really Make Your CV Stand Out

Creating a good CV makes the difference between a successful job hunt and a failure. In most cases, the CV is the only way prospective candidates differentiate themselves from other candidates. This is why it is important to invest in developing a CV. One of the most important aspects of a CV is the job skills section. The best place to place job skills is just after the job or career objective. Here are some skills to include in a CV to make it stand out.

1. Communication Skills
Many job positions require professionals to have strong communication skills. Teachers, architects, managers and businesspersons among other professionals need to express certain aspects of their trade and deal with employees among other people. This requires strong communication skills.

Good communication skills are not limited to speaking fluently but also having excellent writing skills. This skill set should be one of the first skills to highlight in a CV. Jobseekers are encouraged to state that they have strong written and oral communication skills rather than just saying they have excellent communication skills. Many employers ignore jobseekers who undersell themselves.