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Ready? Set? Interview – how to get that dream job

Heading into the new year and fancy a job change? Or ready to get back into employment? Whatever is driving you to that dream job, it’s time to dust down your resume and sharpen up your interview skills. Because with unemployment figures rising, there’s never been a more competitive time to get a job. Luckily you can make it easier with these handy hints and tips.


When it comes to an interview, there is no such thing as being underprepared. Read up not just on the job you’re applying for, but also the company, and better yet the person who is interviewing you. Then, broaden your field. To really demonstrate a thorough understanding, show that not only do you grasp what is involved with this job, but that you know the industry inside out. Look at the company’s competitors or other big names and think about what they’re doing that’s different to your company.

Questions Not To Ask an Employer during a Job Interview

Questions Do Not Ask an Employer during a Job InterviewAfter the end of an interview, nearly every interviewer asks one thing, “Do you want to ask any question?” Job seekers should pay close attention on how to ask questions, and to answer the questions. Whether you like it or not, all the questions that you ask have the potential to reflect your knowledge of the company, your interest in the position and your job ethic.

That is why it is important to take time to come weighted with questions for each interview. Use as a starting point to create your own list of questions.

On the other hand, there are some questions that it is never appropriate to ask your interviewer. Here is a list of questions never ask an employer in an interview, along with information on why you should not do.

Easy steps to make your resume attractive

Easy steps to make your resume attractiveIf you want to write a really good resume, then you are welcome to follow these easy and helpful tips.

Top 5 tips to make your resume awesome

Resume writing is both complicated and responsible process. If properly written, it can land one into a very good and well-paid job.  If not, then you’ll search for your job for a long time. The basic and the most important requirement for writing a successful resume is: a person should have a sound knowledge of language, that’s to say know the grammar rules, punctuation, spelling in order to avoid mistakes. Secondly, to create a good image of you as an employee, it is vital to use every word properly – be clear, specific and detailed.  Of course, there exist certain difficulties – what to emphasize or highlight and what not, what to include in the resume to make it look more attractive. However, the key to success lies not only in writing, but in determining your objectives. To write an awesome resume, one should decide what kind of job you exactly want and what skills do you have for that work, which will single you out of the crowd.  Done with that? Then, you can start your writing.

Relevant Work Experience Essential When Applying For Your Dream Job

Relevant Work Experience Essential When Applying For Your Dream JobMany young children dream about being a sports star, a doctor or a police officer or working in other popular jobs. These are jobs that are seemingly glamorous to younger kids, but many people eventually will make the decision to pursue other fields as they get older. You may have focused your sights on a dream job based on your own skills and interests as well as your perception of what your work life may be like. However, before you apply for that dream job, you may consider the benefits of obtaining relevant work experience in the field first. There are several reasons why you should consider getting relevant work experience as a stepping stone toward earning your dream job.