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Things You Should Not Miss Prior to a Job Interview

A job interview is perhaps the most intimidating moment that we all have to go through if we are hoping to land on a job.  However, with enough preparation chances are you will be able to get your most desired position.  Check out the following tips on the necessary preparations to make prior to your job interview:


Be updated with the latest.

Even if you are already confident that you have done enough research about the company where you will come for an interview, you still need to check Twitter before you leave.  Twitter is one of those few social networking websites which offer the latest news about everything.  So, if you want to be really updated about the company you are applying for, open up your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn before you head on for the door.  If the interviewer’s question gives you the chance to share what you have learned about the company, do not hesitate to flaunt your most updated knowledge.  This will give the interviewer the impression that you are indeed interested about their company and would love to be of great contribution.


Look at the mirror before you leave.

This is a very important thing that needs to be done prior to being interviewed.  Unfortunately, a lot of people often forget to check their selves in front of the mirror as they hurry not to be late. As a result, they end up facing the interviewer with celery in between the teeth or a shirt being worn inside-out. Some women even end up having plenty of spilled face powder in front of their blouse. These things will only make you end up looking so stressed and less confident. Check yourself out and make sure that your anxiety does not show on your spilled lipstick.


Be friendly to everybody.

Many job applicants made a mistake of being rude to the company janitors or the receptionist only to find out that they serve as the eyes and ears of the company’s big boss. You have to display your most professional behavior the very moment you step inside the company building.  This will help you create an image for everybody to witness that you are indeed worthy to be part of their team.


Go to the bathroom as soon as you arrive.

This is   a must especially if you are traveling for a couple of minutes.  Go to the bathroom and do what you need to do.  This is to avoid missing out hearing your name being called just because you were using the bathroom. This will also give you time to check yourself in front of the mirror for one last time.  Of course, you will not be able to do this if you arrive late.  So, be early to avoid looking so stressed and anxious in front of the interviewer.


Don’t just sit there.

Another benefit of coming early prior to the interview schedule is that you will still have the chance to look at the company’s surroundings.  Take the time to read about the news flash printed on the bulletin boards of the building.  Read about some important announcements posted on their walls.  You will never know that these announcements will give you a clue to the questions that will be asked of you during the interview.  When it is time for you to sit, try to move your eyes and look at your fellow applicants.  If they look older than you, make sure to emphasize to the interviewer the quality of the previous works that you have done rather than its quantity. This way, the older applicants will not easily gain much advantage from you in terms of experience.


Prepare yourself to be called.

Never be too engrossed with the newspaper you are reading while waiting for your name to be called.  Otherwise you run the risk of scrambling through your hanky, shoulder bag, and coat and end up sitting in front of the interviewer while still gasping for your breath.  Be mindful of your turn to be called and prepare yourself to be poised as you stand and make your grand entrance to the interviewer’s room.


About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

How To Make Your Resume Stand OutIf you’re looking to impress when you submit your resume, you should not ignore highlighting how professional you are, and that becomes the key to success for the company to which you are applying, you note. Indeed. There is no doubt to show how professional you are, add points to your advantage when being selected for a job vacancy. Also, this will bring good results if you’re looking to have a high job position responsibilities and salary negligible. Do not forget that the core of professionalism is applied to all aspects of professional life, as such, always stress this point.
Unique options
Don’t hesitate to improve your resume. It always depends on the type of job position you are looking for, but you can always stand out in a unique manner. For instance, you can look for special papers to print out your resume. If you are a girl, you might want to consider a pink paper and if you are a guy, how about a blue one? You can make the best out of it. It depends on your preferences but try thinking outside the box. Options are out there so try to stand out by all means. Identify the main points about the company you desire to work for, and then impress everyone!
Remember that in most cases, recruiters like to interview people with experience. Remember to include your work experience since that is a plus when you excel over other candidates, which will be key in deciding if you are ideal for the professional profile they are seeking. Indeed, to highlight the work experience will be key to deciding if you’re the right person for the job. Also to note the work experience will benefit you, because it will mean that you are a person with a touch of work to what they are looking for new job vacancy.
Do not forget that the curriculum is basically a tool that generates job interviews and then choose according to the professional profile, the right person for that reason, the experience you have will be critical. It should be noted that you should always highlight in work experience, dates, your employer, functions and tasks performed.
Today, when structuring a resume, you should be strongly committed to decorate it with words and redundant work ever done on that ground, placing facts and not just words will be ideal if you’re looking to give clear information. Job interviews become the right time to meet and take them to suitable professional for the position of several of work. Therefore, to make known a clear and accurate information will be best if you want an interview without twisting your words, and send the resume that will serve as a guide to possible questions that will tell you based on experience and studies. Get ready to get that desired job position today! You can make it happen so start developing a great resume.
Author bio: Barbara K. writes about writing and study tips at, a professional and reputable service, which provides term paper samples for students.

Computer Software Engineer: What is it?

Computer Software Engineer: What is it?Computers have become an integral part of our everyday life hence the need to have someone with knowledge about how they work and in this case a computer software engineer is best suited for this task. Computers are used in nearly every aspect from just simple education, medical assistance to more complicated tasks such as jet navigation or flight simulation.

A brief insight into the computer world reveals that there are two people required for it to come into existence, computer hardware engineer and software engineer. The hardware engineer is responsible for the physical construction of the computer and after that the role of the computer software engineer comes in. Computers cannot operate without software which act as an interface between humans and the machine.

Generally, the tasks that are undertaken by software engineers include getting user’ requirements about what they need from a product, design it and develop it to an end product. This process usually involves a lot of complex scientific computation and engineering principles such as modeling techniques and employing the correct algorithms. When at the development stage, programming knowledge has to come into play when they are coding the software product.

Computer software engineers also modify old existing software by either removing bugs (errors) or upgrading them to meet new user requirements. This is usually referred to us evolution of software. They also direct in the software development and documentation process. As specified earlier, software engineers don’t deal with the hardware part of the computer hence there are deep consultations between these two fields such as a software engineer specifying the hardware specifications that are required for a particular software product to run efficiently and achieve greater performance.

One of the greatest advantages in software engineering is that one applies their own principles and creativity to build something from scratch. Not many careers that one can boost of developing something from scratch to a finished product. If one is always looking to learning new things, this is the right profession for you. In computer software development, engineers have to keep up with the latest trends in the market hence the need to learn new programming languages and new design techniques to make your product top notch.
Since 2008, computer software engineering has been ranked as the most valuable and most sort after career in the world by Money magazine and both of the U.S. With technology expanding day by day, more software engineers are required to meet the current demand. Well, in terms of payment too, it does not disappoint with engineers being paid millions to develop a product for corporations. Also for permanent employed engineers, they average from $90-120 000 per year.

How do I become a computer software engineer?

The main course undertaken at bachelor’s level in this profession is computer science. Alternatively background information about programming is necessary and also specializing in software engineering since computer science is a huge field.
For one to be identified as a professional, there are international bodies such as IEEE computer society which one has to register with. Also some companies i.e. Apple and IBM offer their own certification examinations.

Why Your Resume is Failing To Get Results

If you have been applying for job after job and getting no response (or just negative responses) then it can come down to one of several reasons, but one of the most common is a poor resume.

Your resume is usually the first contact that you have with a potential employer and literally ‘makes or breaks’ the chances of your application resulting in an interview – and hopefully employment.

Is Your Resume Broken?

When you resume is doing its job, as long as you are applying for jobs relevant to your skills, you should be getting a decent interview response rate. However, if you resume is incomplete or poorly written then you could be the perfect person for a position – and still not be considered.

A broken resume equals a failed job search.

So what does a broken resume look like?

You may be surprised to find that some of the simplest things wrong with your resume can have a drastic effect on its success. Things such as:

  • Poorly Structured
    For some popular positions you may only have a couple of seconds for your resume to catch the attention of the recruiter. If a job gets a couple of hundred applications then you need to make a positive impression almost instantly and a lot of people get this completely wrong. Make sure your resume is in bullet points, highlighting the main (and relevant) items in an easy to skim format that puts the most important information in a position that makes it instantly visible.
  • Focusing on the Unimportant
    When it comes to resumes, a lot of people feel the need to waffle on about unimportant information. Not all of your previous jobs, or favourite interests are going to be relevant so you don’t need to expand on the irrelevant ones – more than just mentioning them. On the flip side, for the items that you feel are relevant, don’t assume that the recruiter knows all about these positions. Explain these positions in more detail and promote how they are relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Using a Generic Template
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your resume is using the exact same resume for every single position you apply for. While it may same time, it drastically cuts down the impact that it will have. What you want to do is have a standard resume but then tweak it to suit each position. This may mean just rearranging the order of items on your resume or removing or adding additional content that is relevant to the job.

So if your resume is failing to get results, then compare your resume with the list of common problems above. Chances are that there are some changes that you will need to make, but don’t be discouraged. Use this as a chance for positive change that sees you focusing on quality job applications and see how this increases your response rate.

About the Author: Thomas is editor of the Australian online hub Mining Jobs No Experience which focuses on providing news and information for jobs seekers looking to enter the resource sector. Connect on Google+.