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Job Seekers: What You Are Up Against

We all have been there at one time in our career. Stuck in a dead end job but unsure how to take  the next step. You are not alone, 34% of job seekers are currently underemployed. It happens to everyone, new college students, those laid off, those forced to move, underemployment sucks. While you should be happy to simply have a job you know you can do more, earn more, and move up the ladder.

While it may be a “buyers” market for employers, there are a few ways you can get out of the hole you are in:

1). It may stink, but focus on doing your best at your current job, many are completely unemployed, and being pessimistic is not going to help.

2.) Apply for jobs. There is no way to get a new job if you do not apply. Seek some professional help with your resume, it is probably not helping you get ahead.