10 Majors to Avoid

Deciding on a major is never easy. Not only do students have to choose a major that they will be able to enjoy, they should also choose one that will be beneficial after graduation. With today’s economy and unemployment rates, choosing a major that will yield a degree that is beneficial is proving to be tricky. Most often, the question of what degrees are best arises; perhaps a better question to ponder is what the worst degrees for job seekers are.

Students of architecture should tread carefully; the field is currently looking at double-digit percentages when it comes to unemployment. Degrees focusing around humanities and liberal arts are becoming increasingly useless as well. Other areas of study such as Latin, music therapy, theology, and English literature aren’t worth it, either. With that being said it’s no surprise that degrees such as poetry, puppetry, american studies, social science, and art history aren’t worth student’s time.

Source: Best Degree Programs

10 majors to avoid



Source: Best Degree Programs